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little whale @ sem 16


Shell Eco-marathon 2017

Shell Eco-marathon is an energy efficiency competition, that invites students from all over the world to design, build and drive their own, unique vehicles. The vehicles are divided into two types, the Prototypes, which are ultra energy efficient designs and the Urban Concepts, which incorporate elements found in mainstream city vehicles, such as turn signals. They are also divided further by their energy source, into three categories: Battery-Electric, Hydrogen Fuel Cell and ICE.

The competition takes place annually, across three continents. Last year, the European leg of the competition brought together more than 200 student teams from 29 countries and over 30,000 guests at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

This year, the competition will be held at the same location, at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, on May 25-28.

Our team will compete in the Battery-Electric Prototype category, with our CFRP monocoque chassis vehicle, affectionately called the "Little Whale". With further mechanical optimizations, completely overhauled electronics and a brand new motor, we aim higher than ever before.

Come meet us there!

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